Sumedhas Tech Solutions is a technology organization specializing in New Product Development domain. We provide solutions across the entire New Product Development lifecycle, helping our customers develop product Faster and Better.

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PLM Rapid Adoption solution

The PLM world is littered with complex implementations which may or may not be delivering business value to the customers.

On the other hand, most industries have achieved tremendous improvements in their production processes using standardization, Reuse and Lean etc.

Sumedhas has adopted similar approach to provide a Rapid PLM Adoption solution through implementation of standardized processes and reusable modules. These are further tuned to suit individual customer requirements.

The Rapid Adoption Solution helps customer adopt a robust, proven solution and achieve quicker ROI. This helps our customer achieve their goals Faster, Better and Cheaper

Key Components of the PLM - Rapid Adoption Solution are:

New Product Development Processes
  • Standardized NPD lifecycles and deliverables
Change Management
  • Simple but effective Design Release and Change Management processes
  • Issue resolution and tracking processes
Engineering Information Management
  • Management of all CAD data and Documents using PLM adopters
  • Standardized process and Engineering Attributes to help in managing and reusing designs
Reports and Analytics
  • Reports on Product Development Processes
  • Business Metrics to measure Product Development effectiveness
  • Use real time accurate reports for prioritization and for continuous improvements

NPI - APQP Driven solution

The APQP solution helps organization streamline the process of component development using the processes and deliverables as per APQP methodology.

The APQP Solution consists of standard activities, deliverables and formats as per AIAG which can be suitably tuned to meet individual customer requirements.

The solution also provides functionality to capture critical information such as FMEA, Control Plans etc.

Standard reports incorporated in the solution provides the ability to track and manage development of components, identifying critical milestones, delays, reviews, issues, approvals etc.

The solution also provides the ability to manage internal and customer driven changes effectively, ensuring access to right information to right people at right time.

Effective Project Management

Deliverables based Project Execution

Effective project management is a critical part of new product development processes where a project manager needs to track and manage host of activities for development of several parts and products. Most traditional project management tools depend on manual update of the status by project member or managers leading to errors and delayed updates. Over time, the real project status varies considerably from its status reports. This is one of the reason why very few organizations have achieved true value from project management tools, leaving the project managers and management struggling with constant project issues and unexpected surprises.

The Deliverables based project management solution drives the project execution by tracking the completion of deliverables by project participants. This provides the real stats on execution of projects.

With this solution, managers can accurately track the projects and plan effective utilization of resources where they are most needed.

PLM Strategy Consulting

PLM Solutions can add significant value to an organization's ability to develop successful products and achieve market success.

On the other hand, it most organization find it very confusing when it comes to selection of PLM solution or define their PLM adoption road map. This is due to inherent complexity of the PLM solutions and variability of processes and priorities across industry segments. Another factor is the lack of simple, actionable, non-partisan information on PLM solutions in the industry domain.

The PLM Strategy Consulting helps our customers to prioritize their critical requirements, success factors and define suitable PLM adoption road map which will deliver effective returns on their PLM investments.

The key components of the PLM Strategy consulting are

  • PLM Strategy formulation based on company business objectives
  • PLM Potential Analysis: Measurable benefits
  • Design of PLM solutions: From strategy to process level concepts, from requirements to application landscape definition